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Stay tuned for news and updates of Jaris Player. / Manténte informado de noticias y actualizaciones de Jaris Player.

HTML5 Prolonged

February 23, 2011   Views: 4207
HTML5 official launch has been extended up to 2014 so there seems to be a lot of work and decisions to take (like which video codec to use) by the w3c. Flash lifespan has been extended a little more ;) http://slashdot.org/story/11/02/15/057246/As-HTML5-Gets-2014-Final-Date-Flash-Floods-Mobile ...

New Code Generator

February 23, 2011   Views: 639
Added a tool to help you learn and generate the html code with the different options available for the player more easily.

New website design

February 22, 2011   Views: 3678
Thanks to my beautiful wife we are launching a new web design. Our goal is to improve the community support and make the process of delivering updates more easily. We hope you enjoy the new Jaris website.
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