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Stay tuned for news and updates of Jaris Player. / Manténte informado de noticias y actualizaciones de Jaris Player.

Jaris Version 2.0.7 Beta

March 25, 2010   Views: 2361
Youtube fix Changes: Fixed youtube security bug that do not permit communication with it ...

Jaris Version 2.0.6 Beta

March 13, 2010   Views: 2244
New aspect ratio indicator Changes: Added: display current aspect ratio label on aspect ratio toggle Improved readability of text only attach netstream to video object if input type is video remove poster from player code ...

Jaris Version 2.0.5 Beta

March 12, 2010   Views: 1947
Improvements to rotation of aspect ratio. Changes: Improved aspect ratio toogle when video aspect ratio is already on the aspect ratios list. Fixed context menu aspect label on aspect ratio rotation ...

Jaris Version 2.0.4 Beta

March 11, 2010   Views: 1750
Minor but important fixes. Changes: Fixed a drawing issue where seek bar after fullscreen stayed long. Documented other parts of the code ...

Jaris Version 2.0.3 Beta

March 11, 2010   Views: 1871
Some more streaming media support. Changes: Support for rtmp streaming support for youtube better support for http streaming like lighttpd Fixed calculation of width on original aspect ratio larger than stage And many hours of improvements ...

Jaris Version 2.0.2 Beta

March 09, 2010   Views: 1744
Some more improvements. Changes: Implement EventDispatcher on Player class instead of using custom event mechanism Fixed not getting initial stage widht and height on IE when using swfobjects Some more improvements to controls on short heights Other improvements and code refactoring added id3 info to player events ...

Jaris Version 2.0.1 Beta

March 08, 2010   Views: 1789
Some more improvements and fixes as mp3 support for the player. Changes: Toggle Quality on Context Menu Introduction of type parameter Initial mp3 support Loader fixes Controls fixes Duration parameter to indicate how much total time takes input media Other refinements and fixes ...

New Jaris Version 2.0 Beta

March 06, 2010   Views: 1940
After 2 years of inactivity we are proud to present Jaris Player v2.0 beta developed using haxe and flashdevelop. With this new changes we hope that jaris get more contributors since the tools to develop it are completely free. Changes: Full rewrite of the player to use haxe. Initial http pseudostreaming support. New graphical ...

Forums updated!

March 06, 2010   Views: 1880
Since the forum was full of spam I deleted it and made a new forum using drupal module since I ported the website to drupal cms, so register now and lets hope we have a better experience.
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