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jaris player's blog

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Stay tuned for news and updates of Jaris Player. / Manténte informado de noticias y actualizaciones de Jaris Player.

New Forum

May 28, 2008   Views: 1755
Installation of the phpbb software for a better communication between the community, and and to improve the development of the project. Visit and register on our forums here.

Working SVN Repo

May 25, 2008   Views: 1878
The SVN repository has been configured, now you can checkout files by using the following command: svn co https://jaris.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jaris/trunk ...

New Roadmap Section

May 24, 2008   Views: 1859
Go and check out our roadmap page where you can find the future implementations of the player and current ones :) We are working to improve the project page and add the neccesary categories for feature request and patches. Thanks for your patience.

Debut of the Jaris FLV Player

May 21, 2008   Views: 1870
We are proud to present the website and the player to the world! Enjoy it! ...
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